Green Clean Pros

We specialize in cleaning carpets using the best green cleaning  products, with the addition of odor-eating enzymes. Our products make pet stains and high-traffic areas easy to clean, leaving your carpets  looking like new. We really take pride in the quality of our carpet  cleaning. We move couches, beds, tables, chairs and anything else that  we can.  Our customers love the work we do. We truly care about the end  result and work hard to produce above expectations. Call us for your carpet cleaning in Chico and surrounding areas!!         

Don't Use Harmful Chemicals

Why use harmful chemicals?  There's no need, Our certified Green products clean better than chemicals.

Thats not all, these chemicals that are used by most other carpet cleaners are known to be toxic to humans, pets and bad for our environment.

Why Use Anyone Else?

Competitive Prices

Superior Products

Timely Scheduling

Experienced Technicians That Care